Not so fast...diets are a dime a dozen. If you want a diet, you can always buy a book. In fact, if you search for a diet book an and you get 41,853 entries, that's just in paperback. You can add another 20,000 if you include hardcover and Kindle. The strange thing is, allot of them have diet plans that work. Then why doesn't everyone who wants to lose weight just buy a book, follow a diet and lose weight and keep it off? Keep that question in mind...

Did you know that a shocking 95% of people fail to lose weight dieting or they gain it all back? That's because diet is only one key part of losing weight and keeping it off. Yet, it remains true that diet is an integral part of losing weight. In 2 Sizes 12 Weeks we use a high protein, low glycemic eating style that tastes great, has lots of flexibility, and won't leave you hungry. But that's not all we do. 2 Sizes 12 Weeks is more than a diet; it's a process of changing your relationship with food (and exercise, and even your relationship with yourself) so that rather than just dieting, you become a person who maintains a healthy weight forever.

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