Why am I so excited? Because I know that you can lose all the weight you want to lose and keep it off forever! Some of you may not know me, but I have been working with people in clinical and therapeutic settings for over twenty years. One of the most common complaints people have, THAT MANY HAVE GIVEN UP ON TOTALLY, is controlling weight. I used to nod and commiserate, because I know how difficult it could be and how many people fail and worse, how many people succeed only to gain it all back again. Honestly, I didn't want to touch weight-loss with a ten foot pole. It was just too difficult. To hard to do, too hard to maintain, and fraught with pitfalls and a high failure rate.
More recently I have changed my mind completely. Why? For a reason that might sound strange to you; you might think it doesn't relate to you at all, but it does. You see, I workout occasionally at an MMA gym with professional fighters, amateur fighters, and a few lost souls like myself, who are just trying to survive. WAIT! Don't get scared, you don't have to do anything that has anything to do with MMA, but do keep reading, because I learned something from these guys that changed my perception of weight-loss completely.
You see, there are weight classes in professional fighting and if you are even one ounce overweight, you can't compete in that weight class. Sometimes these guys would come into the gym and I would hear them say, "I've got to lose X number of pounds before my fight in 12 weeks." Then they would just do it. Everyone one of them, every time. Never did I hear, "I can't do it," "I've tried, but I just can't lose weight," "Its my metabolism," "It's my genetics," nothing. They just did it!
So, I asked them, "Hey, how do you do that," and they told me. And, I'm going to tell you during our 12 week program, but what they told me was all stuff you can get off the internet and in books. It's what the DIDN'T TELL ME that is THE TRUE SECRET TO PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS. They didn't even know it themselves, but they all had it! They all had the secret that makes them able to control their weight permanently.
What's the secret? I can't tell you. Why not? Because like most great secrets, it is not information; it can't just be written or told. It has to be experienced.
What all these guys had and what you will have, yourself, as you go through 2 Sizes in 12 Weeks is the mental and emotional alignment that will carry you through losing all the weight you want AND staying the weight you choose forever.
Please, come join me. Click the Home page button. Check to make sure you are eligible and rest assured, you can lose all the weight you want!

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